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04/30/2002 -- Saber Combo Guide in the Works
I've got a new post I'm working on that will completely describe how Light and Medium saber style combos work. This will include a system for creating custom combos based on the direction of your target, the speed with which you want to attack, and the range you want your swings to have. Learn the secrets of the Medium Stance 8-hit combo! Look for it soon!

04/30/2002 -- Both guides now Complete!
I've filed in all the holes in both guides. Let me know if I missed one.

04/29/2002 -- Ok, now it's pretty.
I've added some new template pieces to the front page and some minimalist stuff to the two guide pages. enjoy. Note: do not attempt to lick a Lightsaber. Creature in image is a trained professional.

04/29/2002 -- Hey, so it ain't pretty...yet.
I'm in the process of gathering all the content and placing it into the site. The Lightsaber Guide and the in-progress Force Power Guide are both now available along with a couple of Challenge results. I've only got the nav bar in the home page, so just use the browser's back button for now to return from the guides.

Make sure to e-mail me any comments or suggestions about the guides or challenges.